This year we have taken a very important step in our ADCAM MARA VISION SCHOOLschool, with the creation of a library that will help improve the formation of our alumn@s and the entire Maasai community.

Thanks to the donation of more than 700 books by BBALP-Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project,a new York-based non-profit organization, and the training offered to our teachers by Valerie Hunsinger, the head of the BBALP library project, we have enabled a classroom where Maasai children will be able to enrich their knowledge and enjoy a scarcely non-existent resource in Maasai Mara.

Our intention is for the library to become a meeting point available to the whole community, so we have also organized Adult literacy classes and a book loan system so that all those who want to learn to read or simply enjoy the pleasure of reading, can benefit from this great opportunity.

From now on, warriors, women craftsmen, ADCAM staff and the entire community can access this space aimed at improving education, wisdom, imagination and the enjoyment of a tribe that is gradually regaining the illusion of knowing itself worthy of a better future, full of possibilities for them.