Today we are going to talk to you about a collaboration with a soul, totally disinterested and with a great common goal: the environment preservation. How? Contemplating and observing the nature behavior in all its splendor, and showing it to you in the way that we do best with a lot of respect and heart.

Nature, silence, living in the moment and accepting what surrounds  are some of the ancestral learnings that the Masai have been able to transmit from father to son for millennia. They have this nomadic feeling etched in fire. There is no far-future approach. Everything can change in an instant and they are well aware of this great truth.

Nomadic behavior

This behavior greatly reminds us of the birds behavior. They have amazed humanity for millions of years, inspiring art and culture, and serving as an example for our technological advancement. Its great ability to adapt to an environment in continuous movement is closely linked to the way of understanding the Masai Community life. This is how nature evolves.

But above all, there is one phenomenon that still surprises us all with its extraordinary understanding: migration, spectacularly twinned with the nomadic sentiment and behaviour of the Maasai.

Does this behavior remind us of anything?

In the midst of the maelstrom, we adapt to our surroundings, but our hearts and minds can always fly as high as we set out to. And this is what nomadic sentiment is about. Are we going back to our origins? Are we becoming more nomadic?

A new lifestyle is prevailing. We carry work in a backpack wherever we travel, we are tired of stress and ties and we need to reconcile with ourselves and with our mother nature through a feeling of freedom and adventure every day.

Collaboration with Oxytours

Our collaboration with Oxytours goes on all these terms. We intend to offer quality nature tourism, away from the usual tourist circuits, respectful with our environment and full of extraordinary feelings, sensations and experiences.

Both William Kikanae Ole Pere and Fran Lucha have a long history sharing their knowledge in the medium that they are most passionate about: Nature. Both strive to show us environmental and cultural values of the territory that they know perfectly, while we walk their paths, we discover the Heritage that we have around us and we delight ourselves with it, coming to feel it as our own.

WILL YOU JOIN?                                        

FROM 1 TO 9 SEPTEMBER 2021, we propose a dream trip, where you can observe the magical phenomenon of migration with two exceptional guides such as William Kikanae and Fran Lucha. Reconnection and nature in its purest form.

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Enter the savannah with real Masai warriors!

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