When good intentions, experience and passion come together they give rise to magical experiences that are very difficult to explain. It is not easy to express all that we lived in our last NOMADS TRIP experience last September in Kenya.

viaje nómadas 1In the words of Fran Lucha himself, an exceptional guide of this last trip together with William Kikanae, this experience has been engraved in fire. They are memories and moments that will remain forever in the memory and in the hearts of each and every one of the people who had the magnificent opportunity to be there. Each walk lived in the savannah, each sunset and each of the wild animals seen will be part of the life of the travelers, bursting in a way that makes us feel that life has a new sense, more harmonious and accurate.

viaje nómadas 2Author Trips

This special trip belongs to a series of vacation packages that we call “author trips“, created and designed to live a magical, unique and different personalized experience, developed with all the love in the world and taking care of every detail meticulously.

The truth is that touring the Maasai Mara, and its various conservation areas, with these two days exceptional guides, instructing us on migratory birds with their expert knowledge, has been a luxury and a unique and extraordinary adventure. So much so, that we already have a date for the next NOMADS 2022 TRIP that will take place from August 18 to 26.

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These author experiences are conceived and designed so that a group of people can enjoy in our Mara Vision Camp the hospitality of the Maasai and immersion in their culture and nature for a few days that become unforgettable. Each experience has a different theme but a common denominator: they are perfect combinations of emotions, laughter and complicity in African lands, in short, the perfect vacation.


The Maasai people are currently immersed in a moment of full transformation, looking towards the future and facing the challenges of combining tourism, protected areas and technology without having to renounce their roots and traditions. To this we add that services as essential as schooling or basic health care are very complicated for this community and sometimes non-existent in areas of extreme poverty. Hence the vital importance of the self-management of the camp by the Masai warriors themselves, of the sale of Masai handicrafts made by the Masai women themselves and of our various actions in order to provide schooling and support for their economy.

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But undoubtedly, the great value of our Nomadic holiday package is having the opportunity to meet them: the Maasai, an interesting community full of authentic, friendly, fun, professional and curious people.

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Contact us and we will give you all the details of our Nomadic Journey 2022.