At ADCAM we want to offer you something more and in our continuous search for excellence, this year we offer you the opportunity to enjoy four unique, authentic trips, prepared with great detail and putting our soul into each organized activity.

Exclusive trips that aim to offer the experience of knowing and living the Maasai Mara in a different way, through four very special perspectives,

counting on the best company and in the hands of some excellent professionals.

Now more than ever it is necessary to disconnect and get back in touch with our essence as human beings: nature in its purest state; and learn from the tolerance, acceptance and deep hospitality of the great treasure that this magical corner of the planet has: the Masais themselves.

We present our 2022 Author’s Trips:

NOMADS experience (from August 18 to 26)

viajes exclusivosAn adventure in which William Kikanae and Fran Lucha will accompany us in a great nature tourism experience based on the diversity of habitats that surround us, the presence of wetlands of great beauty and, of course, its protagonists: a wide range of nomadic bird species.

Outstanding value of this experience: your guides and migratory birds.

Fran Lucha, Director of Oxytours and possessor of deep knowledge and extensive experience in the world of birds and the natural environment as a whole.

William Kikanae Ole Pere, warrior and leader of the Masai community, as well as a safari guide.

This trip is designed to enjoy a unique opportunity to learn about the migratory movements of birds and their “nomadic” spirit, an essence that is shared with the Masai, this ancient tribe that lives in harmony with nature.

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PHOTOGRAPHY Experience: YOUR OBJECTIVE AS A MIRROR (from August 31 to September 8)

viajes exclusivosAn adventure that aims to reflect your own story through yourself and your own photographs. It is a journey with soul during which you will capture unique scenes and moments that will accompany you forever.

Outstanding value of this experience: you will live your most real emotions from within and tell your story through your own story book.

Pedro Abel Adalia, renowned creative and emotional photographer specializing in wildlife and nature, who will guide you on how to portray the best scenes.

Do you want to be the protagonist of your own story? All the experiences will be reflected in a final book that, in a personalized way, will compile all the unforgettable moments that you live during the trip. An open book in which you will tell your own story through texts, traces and photographs that will help you remember who you were in Africa.

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ASTROLOGY Experience: A JOURNEY TO THE STARS (from September 22 to October 1)

viajes exclusivosAn adventure whose objective is to acquire tools and exercises that help you overcome fears, define goals and extract your maximum potential in order to make decisions and get going towards what you really want to achieve. The idea is to learn to better control your emotions and recover your optimal and productive state of mind.

Outstanding value of this experience: the high professional and human quality of Valentina and Bisila.

Valentina García, dedicated to the world of Astrology for more than 25 years. She is an expert in Contemplative Psychology and Advaita Vedanta Meditation and has a degree in Dramatic Art from RESAD (Madrid School of Dramatic Art).

With Valentina you will learn the functioning of nature and its connection with astrology. You will connect with the wisdom of the mineral and vegetable world in a magical environment such as the Maasai Mara.

Bisila Bokoko, in addition to being our godmother, is an influencer, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Bisila is considered one of the most influential women in the business world in America, championing various projects internationally.

With Bisila, you will learn to enhance your personal growth, how astrology influences all areas of your life and how to apply all this knowledge in order to achieve the life you want.

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This trip brings together 3 unique ingredients: the possibility of living with the Masai community, a hospitable tribe proud of their culture that will make us feel at home at all times; experience the adventure of enjoying unique safaris in the wild nature and accompanied by exceptional guides such as the Masai warriors themselves; practice yoga, meditation and mindfulness in a privileged environment with the aim of recovering a deeper connection with nature.

Our body and our mind are fertile land in which the seeds of serenity and consciousness can be cultivated and sown so that when we return home we can continue sowing and obtaining our fruits day by day.

Outstanding value of this experience: Carlos Mateo and the Masai environment.

Carlos Mateo is a sociologist, yoga and meditation teacher and trainer of mindfulness instructors. He also is very knowledgeable about the Masai culture and environment.

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Remember that 100% of the benefits obtained in any of the four trips goes to Adcam Project.

We encourage you to sign up for any of these four exclusive and unrepeatable experiences.