Last September we had the opportunity to celebrate a unique, enriching and motivating event: the 4th Women4Change 2021 meeting.

Women4Change 1

Women4Change is a programme on transformational leadership belonging to the Esperanza Pertusa Foundation, with which we collaborate very closely, which recognises and supports women leaders of actions focused on producing a positive impact on certain communities and, above all, on the living conditions of girls and women in the communities in which they operate.
This year we have decided to hold the
fourth edition of Women4Change in the Masai Mara, in Kenya, in recognition and support of all the activity that we have been developing with the Masai community for more than twelve years in our association. A project focused on a positive social transformation that reaches an entire ecosystem through our support programmes for women, education, food, preventive health and, of course, our tourist camp self-managed by the Masai themselves.

The event was held precisely in our ADCAM Mara Vision Camp in the heart of the Masai Mara, complying with all COVID security measures.

Women4Change 2

We were proud and pleased to have the attendance and participation of Jaime Fernández-Rúa Mateo from the Second Headquarters of the Spanish Embassy in Kenya; Patrick Ole Ntutu, Minister of Social Protection and Labour in Kenya; Sammuel Ole Tunai, Governor of Narok, and William Kikanae, leader of the Maasai community.

Women4Change 3

We were also able to count on the participation of our dear friend and ambassador of ADCAM, Bisila Bokoko and Esperanza Pertusa, President of the Foundation that bears her name, accompanied by a group of people very interested in international cooperation.

Projects with soul are our source of inspiration and this year the central theme of the event revolved around girls’ secondary education as a primary source of equal opportunities and a guarantee of sustainability. During the event, our new project was unveiled: the creation of a Vocational Training Cycle focused on Tourism, which Bisila also supports and sponsors through its BBALP Foundation (Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project). A project that, in addition to increasing the employability of the younger population of the Maasai community, improving their working conditions and generating self-sufficiency, supports the sustainability of one of the most beautiful and fragile ecosystems on the planet.

We encourage you to actively participate in any of our projects and help our beloved Maasai Community.

Women4Change 4

“Solidarity is not an act of charity, but a mutual aid between forces that fight for the same objective” Samora Machell