The gradual growth of ADCAM Mara Vision Schoolis something that is filling with joy and opening better possibilities for the future to the entire Maasai community, especially the younger ones. Our intention is to offer a quality schooling at 300 niñ@s maasai,in a school that is designed to train them with a high level of education, while reinforcing the feeling of identity, through specific subjects and activities of Maasai Culture.

So far, thanks to the collaboration of individuals, businesses and a small contribution by the families with the most possibilities within the community, we have been able to assume the cost of maintaining the school. During these years, from ADCAM we have been on scholarship to those students with whose families they are most vulnerable, because it is precisely they who make the most sense of our work.

However, with the growth of the school the need has increased in this regard, so we have decided to put in place a sponsorship system, which allows us to continue to expand the number of maasai niñ@s in extreme poverty, which can benefit from the opportunity to go to school and /or stay in our residence.

If you want to sponsor a student of our school, you will find all the necessary information in the section of our website Help the community.

Thank you in advance on behalf of the ADCAM team, the Maasai community and especially the students of our school. Education is the key to the future.