The volunteers who come to our ADCAM Solidarity Program , during the month of October of this year, are in luck, as themselves will be able to distribute and deliver, to the most disadvantaged families, the food that we have bought thanks to the economic contributions that we will explain later.

We want to share with you how excited and delighted we are with all the help received this year and, at the same time, tell you about everything we have achieved with your donations.

During this year 2020 we have received all kinds of financial contributions, from individuals to large companies. With all that we received during this time, we have bought food, we have selected the families most in need, we have studied each case in particular and we have established recurrent food so that no one goes hungry.

Current situation of the Maasai community due to Covid-19

We are facing a situation worldwide unknown and new to everyone caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, Kenya had to suffer, before the coronavirus, a plague of locusts followed by floods of such force that it had not occurred for more than 20 years. If to all this we add the global economic crisis caused by Covid-19 and the dependence of the Maasai population on tourism, we reach a situation of famine in the community.

Since, according to all forecasts, this situation will continue in time, we have decided to make a selection of the Masai women in greatest need in Kenya and distribute to the same groups during different periods of time. This will ensure that these poorer families will be sustained until the entry of tourists is fully activated and thus allows them to have more income options.

Planning for the next few months

Your contributions have allowed us to buy food consisting of 2,560 kilos of corn (maize), 11,700 kilos of ugali (unga) and 720 kilos of rice. These foods are prepared in 30-kilo food packages that are delivered to each family.

Regarding their distribution, we have divided the deliveries by areas and groups, being a total of 87 families the beneficiaries, divided into 2 groups:

Group 1: deliveries in August and November 2020.

  1. Aigton with 17 families.
  2. 12 km manyatta and surroundings with 20 families.
  3. Endoyo Manyatta (Mara North) with 10 families.
  4. Esukut with 10 families.

Group_2: deliveries in August, October and December 2020.

  1. Siana with 20 families.


We want to mention Siana, an area furthest from the Mara and with difficult access and sustainability to which we went just a week ago due to their extreme needs. Due to its distance from the LemeK reserve, where Adcam is located, corn is not delivered here due to its weight, but it is compensated with rice and unga. In this specific area, deliveries are made with Adcam’s car, due to the difficulty of the roads to make a shipment by truck.

The woman has a fundamental role here, since she is the representative of each family, being Margaret, the Masai delegate in Siana in charge of distributing and leading this community of more than 300 women. These women make all kinds of Masai ornaments and crafts and, this time, we have taken advantage of the food delivery trip to collect the more than 200 pieces they have made in order to sell them through our website and continue to finance this wonderful project .

Our Project

ADCAM Mara Vision Project is a comprehensive support project for the Masaai people (Kenya), led by ADCAM- Development, Alternative Trade and Microcredit Association.

Our purpose is to develop cooperation, sustainable development, microcredit, fair trade, education and gender equality programs. We work directly with the community, in coordination with the Masai leader William Kikanae Ole Pere. He was the one who requested our support to counteract the difficult situation that his people were suffering there, demonstrating a high degree of commitment, seriousness and responsibility when working, and achieving an amazing development managed by the Masai themselves.

ADCAM understands cooperation through the empowerment of the community and the sustainability of the actions carried out. We specialize in education, women and microcredit, offering support to productive cooperatives in developing countries and establishing marketing circuits with northern countries, which allow increasing their opportunities to improve their living conditions from their countries of origin. We pay special attention to education, health and sustainability, promoting actions to address the difficulties of the most disadvantaged populations, when developing and evolving according to their own beliefs.


To all of you who continue to make all of this possible, we give you infinite thanks and, at the same time, we encourage the rest to continue making contributions. As you have seen in this document, your donations are of enormous help, no matter the amount, everything adds up, everything contributes. Get in touch with us ( and we will inform you without obligation.

In addition, we remind you that all volunteers who come to our ADCAM Solidarity Program in October 2020 will have the extraordinary opportunity to deliver Food themselves on our next food delivery trip.