n in February an activity took place that filled the classrooms of our school in Kenya with joy and learning. Thanks to the initiative promoted by Anabel Fernández of the CEIP Virgen de Guadalupe de Murcia,and good friend of ADCAM,we launched an exchange of correspondence between 128 students of this school and the students of ADCAM Mara Vision School from 3rd to 6th grade.

In letters from Spain, children presented themselves, asked questions and included photos of themselves and their families.

Our Kenyan students responded to each of those emotion-filled letters, including drawings of animals from Maasai Mara’s surroundings, very happy to be able to share their reality with their new friends.

No doubt one of the pillars of today’s education must be the knowledge of different cultures and, therefore, of the different worldviews that exist, and with this initiative we have made it possible for children from both centres to have a unique experience, which we plan to continue once a year.

| A new experience for everyone (.pdf)