This year we have launched a very special initiative, inspired by one of the sports activities with the greatest boom internationally: the 1st ADCAM Media Marathon.

It is a 21,097 km race that is having a great acceptance among runners of different nationalities, and takes place in different places and cities around the world.

The event has been organized by
with the collaboration of Antonio Alvarez, Paloma Anta, Francisco González and the contribution of A Puntadas S.L and Factoría de Impresión that made the shirts for the runners. The intention was to publicize the Maasai Mara Conservation project and area to several Spanish entrepreneurs and tourists, opening up the possibility of participation to local runners, who have been able to enjoy the pleasure and freedom to run in the middle of the African savannah, surrounded by wild animals. To ensure the safety of the runners, we have had a group of specialist “rangers” in this environment, who have monitored the route.

The experience has been very satisfying for all participants, especially the Maasai runners who for the first time have had the opportunity to participate in an event like this. The winners of the race have been Francis Kyemei in the men’s category and Nanetia Ketere in the women’s category, which together with the rest of the participants were welcomed on the premises of our school by parents and teachers in a joint celebration that symbolizes our commitment to sport and the promotion of this incomparable place of the planet. Next year we repeat!!!