We are excited about all the new Masai crafts that we have brought with us from our last trip to Kenya. On this occasion there have been more than 1,600 pieces distributed among 8 new models of necklaces and bracelets. You can take a look and see how beautiful they are in our Masai craft store.

Around 100 women, coming from different manyattas, have been in charge of making these new  crafts pieces, led by Lillian in the Maasai Mara-Lemek area and by Margaret in Siana.

From ADCAM we have made a previous selection of women together with their families, the most vulnerable and disadvantaged, whose only income is the one obtained in exchange for making these crafts.

We remind you that 100% of the global profits from our solidarity craft accessories is donated to this community. For ADCAM and the Masai, the women role is fundamental, since they are the protagonists of the family unit, we promote their cultural learning, among other things, through Masai crafts.

This elaboration is an exclusive practice of the tribe that, in addition, allows them to preserve their roots and at the same time obtain an autonomous income that allows them to be the sustenance of their homes. The wealth that is generated through the artisan women work, ultimately, reverts to the entire community, in addition to empowering women and fostering a positive impact on gender equality. You can find out more about our entire Support Project for Artisan Women here.

The fact of being able to bring all this Masai handicraft is an adventure that becomes a bureaucratic journey. We hope you like them as much as we do, since women put all their hearts into each piece they make and, from our part, we have brought them with great enthusiasm.