Last September 2015, a team of engineers from renewable energy consultancy SULMAG , the ADCAM project in The Maasai Mara (Kenya) was moved to install a solar photovoltaic system through a micro grid, which allows to offer electricity with renewable 100 technology to our school, student residence and solidarity tourism camp that are managed by the Maasai community with the support of ADCAM.

It is a centralized photovoltaic installation, commonly known as Solar Microred that will allow to optimize the resources invested,since a single generation point has been installed for subsequent distribution by a small network to the consumption points.

This allows to have a system of quality equivalent to a local electricity grid,involving users in the management and rational use of energy.

The estimated consumption is 24,000Wh/day and the system has been sized for 3 days of autonomy. To avoid misuse of the installation, dispensers have been installed in the different electrical utility enclosures, which allows users to know how much energy is available. The management of the software that controls all this is carried out by the local project staff, who have been formed by the SULMAG team, who through the remote connection will be able to monitor the proper use of it and will provide constant support to the local team.

The benefits for the project and the community are innumerable… since the creating a computer classroom for ADCAM Mara Visión School students,going through screening movies for the little ones or the impeccable lighting of the camp for the comfort of our guests… we are all very happy!

From ADCAM we want to thank SULMAG for designing and executing the project,our sponsor for its financial support and all the people who have been involved during this process of more than two years of work, to make this dream a reality. A great step for improving the resources and living conditions of the Maasai community.