ADCAM has launched a health plan for the Maasai community since summer 2015, under the coordination and financial support of Dr. Esther Aznar, ADCAM’s friend and collaborator since its inception. It is a three-tier health prevention and education programme for the community and school, with the support of the Aitong Health Centre.

The first thing that has been done was a study on the most common health problems in the community, in which the 100 of the women interviewed pointed out that malaria is the most important health problem. They also cited typhoid fevers as a common health problem in the Community in the recent past, although they admitted that cases have virtually disappeared since ADCAM built a well and now have access to good quality and safe water. Thirdly, during interviews respiratory problems such as pneumonia, the common cold and allergies emerged as one of the most common health problems in the Community.

In order to alleviate the impact of malaria on the health of the Community, all families of the manyatta have been equipped with mosquito nets to install them inside the huts. Mosquito nets were also provided for school dormitories, as well as for teachers’ homes, as their effectiveness increases considerably when used simultaneously by all members of the Community.

At the school, the first deworming campaign has been carried out with the participation of Dr. Rotich, head of the primary care center in the area, and the feeding of thirty pupils with symptoms compatible with malnutrition has been strengthened, providing them with enriched peanut butter supplements. Dr. Scully. Aznar has also developed educational material for teachers and students in the form of informative posters on the prevention of the most common parasitic diseases and thus promote hygienic customs among students.

This is the beginning of work that we hope to carry out in the long term, with the intention that the prevention actions carried out will represent a significant improvement at the health level in the Maasai community.