“Massai Mara” is an experimental group that brings together traditional massai songs along with electronic and contemporary music. This project was commissioned by ADCAM to the composer Luis Giménez,a young ethnomusicologist who has been playing and doing field of work in more than 7 African countries.

The concert offered by “Massai Mara” at the CAM was a continuous musical journey between the organic and ancestral songs of the Massai people together with an electric band that took as rein ethnic instruments (mbira,didjeridoo, arabe baker), industrial sounds and an atonal exploration in its more than 20 songs.

For this event was counted with William Kikanae Ole Pere, leader of the community enkerende del maasai mara and the Demachena group. Demachena-trio is the fragment of a larger band called Dimeiwe, a group that has produced a distinctive mix of African, Arabic and Latin music, producing an intriguing “world-beat”. The group’s name means “black and white” and derives from the shona (most spoken language of zimbabwe) from which the tradition of mbira dz.vadzimu comes; the greatest influence of the trio and the way it plays with other instruments.

The components of the group are:

  • Luis Giménez: ethnomusicologist, composer, “gwenyambira” (master of the mbira) and guitarist in a wide range of African styles (chimurenga, Soukous, mande, wasssoulou, haul, malagasy, jazz, bosanova, flamenco, etc.)
  • Antonio Prats: percussionist and mbirista and has played with “the black one,”
  • Fabio Miano and other jazz greats as well as within world music.
  • Rugaré: voice, bassist and didjeridoo.

Demachena concerts are a journey full of dynamics from rumba, Katanga guitar from Central Africa, to ngoni, udu, etc. They sing in more than five languages producing an incomparable and captivating show. His talent has been recognized at various festivals and awards in Africa and Europe.