Consciously connecting with the Maasai Mara wild nature and with its community has a lot to do with recovering our most essential being and re-blending with nature. The meditation practice and Mindfulness gives us the possibility to calm our minds, release tensions and inhabit our body more fully, to reconnect with our inner self and, from there, regain a deeper connection with nature.

But, What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the basic human capacity to pay full attention to the experience of the moment. It is the state of full mental concentration that we can achieve in order to be in the present, here and now. Through its usual practice, we achieve a more relaxed and positive attitude towards life. This relaxation and meditation technique can be used in any situation and time of the day, since without Mindfulness it would be impossible for us to observe and recognize our own experience and in this world.

But, although we believe that we have conscious control of our attention, what really happens, in most cases, is that we are attending to thousands of thoughts that come and go, recognizing only a small part of what is happening in the world, at the present moment.

Through Mindfulness we are able to recognize what is happening while it is happening, intensely living each experience as it is occurring, since it is a basic and human capacity for connection with the present.

It is a way of becoming aware of our reality, giving us the opportunity to consciously work with our joys, adventures, losses, pain, or with the challenges that our life may pose. . On the contrary, a life in which we do not pay attention and are more concerned with what happened or what has not yet happened, leads us directly to neglect, oblivion and isolation, reacting in a fully automatic way to challenges.


In what benefits us?

The mindfulness practice helps us to regain our internal and emotional balanceand, in addition, to reconnect and harmonize three basic aspects: the body, the mind and the spirit. By practicing mindfulness, we develop a greater capacity for understanding and understanding, inviting us to live in a full and conscious way.

There are many benefits that the Mindfulness practice provides, but perhaps the most important are those listed below:

  • · It helps us control and reduce our level of stress and anxiety.
  • · Develops our ability to concentrate.
  • · It favors our emotional intelligence.
  • · It helps us improve interpersonal relationships.
  • · Encourage our creativity.
  • · Extends our working memory.
  • · It helps us to end with the insomnia.

How to practice it?

We need a quiet space, keeping our backs relaxed and straight, taking controlled breaths and focusing on what is happening in our body at that exact moment.

Can you imagine living this experience in a healing and privileged environment? Can you imagine doing this practice in the middle of the Maasai Mara savanna? ? We have a trip in October prepared especially for you, to live this adventure that will change your life. Our Soul solidarity experience where 100% of the benefits obtained go to cover the ADCAM school costs in Kenya.

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