During the month of February we have completed, for the fifth consecutive year, the production of ethnic motifs on skin that the artisan cooperative of ADCAM makes for the Spanish footwear company Pikolinos.

This collaboration began with a pilot in 2010 and since then, year after year Pikolinos has allowed with its productive demand, that we can give work for 5 months a year to more than 1000 Maasai women, spread between Kenya and Tanzania.

Thanks to this, women have been able to access a living wage,according to the reality of the country, which has allowed them to improve the conditions of food, health and education of their children and the whole community, making this project pioneer in matters of Corporate Social Responsibility.

In addition, annually, the Juan Perán Pikolinos Foundation has earmarked an economic endowment for the functioning of the primary school that ADCAM has in place in the area and has supported us in countless actions that have allowed our work, in favour of the Maasai community, to be able to develop successfully throughout this time.

The campaign to promote the 2015 summer sandal collection, has a very special connotation for us, because it is focused on the history of some of the women who have participated in the project during these years, thus giving greater importance to the real protagonists of this project.

On behalf of the Maasai artisans and the entire ADCAM team a thousand thanks for all these years of joint work, helping the Maasai community to develop on its own, in a dignified, responsible and self-management-based way.