We started 2014 with strength and enthusiasm to continue building smiles in the most needy areas,offering support to productive cooperatives in developing countries, training women in a trade, giving them a job exit and establishing marketing circuits with the northern countries, which guarantee the sustainability of the projects.

We also pay special attention to education, seeking to promote actions in this regard to work from the root the difficulties of the most disadvantaged populations, when developing and evolving according to their own beliefs.

ADCAM works with the Maasai Communityin Kenya to promote its integral development, through three lines of intervention:

Woman: We have created a productive cooperative with more than 1600 artisans throughout the Mara territory, including Kenya and Tanzania, who for 5 months a year work in the production of ethnic motifs on skin, on demand of the Spanish company Grupo Pikolinos, who subsequently manufactures and markets every summer a renewed collection of sandals and maasai accessories.

Education: In 2011 we launched an elementary school that this year has offered schooling to more than a hundred niñ@s up to 5th grade, which would not otherwise have been able to access it. This year, the breakthrough has been the creation of a library at the school, which is enabling an improvement in educational resources and greater openness to the community, through the organization of adult literacy classes.

Sustainability: This year we have finished fully equipping our camp, managing to start a flow of solidarity tourism that will allow the sustainability of the school and the project. We have also enhanced environmental improvement actions and made a well that has been an unprecedented advance for the community.

Although we continue in difficult times when it comes to resources, all lines continue to evolve year after year in a satisfactory way, thanks to the private support of different sponsors and the constant work and enthusiasm of the ADCAM team and the Maasai community.
Finally, one of the most important achievements of 2013 has been the constitution of ADCAM USA, with TAX ID: 46-2854742. Within our objectives has always been the establishment of relationships and synergies with other organizations worldwide, with the intention of seeking support for our projects, while serving as a model to replicate the successful experience we are carrying out with the Maasai community.

The establishment of ADCAM USA has been made possible thanks to the involvement of Bisila Bokoko, President of BBALP and Jeanette Chang, Vice President and International Director of Hearts Magazines International,the latter being the Chair of our Honor Committee. Thanks to this step, we are opening up endless opportunities, giving a greater projection to the actions carried out so far and expanding the possibilities of continuity of our work in Kenya.

Here you can see the full document detailing the achievements of 2013.

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