We are very excited to inform you that we have a new point of sale for our Masai solidarity handicrafts: MasQi, The Energy House. A unique place where they teach you how to live life in a healthier, more conscious and peaceful way in a privileged natural environment full of energy.

Its owner, Sonia Ferre, set foot on Kenyan soil for the first time 20 years ago, on an unforgettable trip that deeply marked her forever. A trip that showed her something different and unknown to her and to most of us: the power of acceptance and connection with ourselves, feelings deeply rooted in the Masai way of understanding life, far from any concept of material possession existing in the western world.
It was from then on that Sonia began to discover ways of living and feeling life that were very different from what she knew and how, little by little, she began to delve into the practice of meditation, mindfulness and reconnection with our most intimate self.

This past summer she had the opportunity to get to know our Adcam Mara Vision Camp and its dear people with Rosa Escandell and William Kikanae, and came back absolutely in love with their culture. The fact of being able to live with the animals in their natural habitat, contemplate nature in its purest state and get to know the hospitality of the Masai people encouraged her to create a trip that would combine the experience of a safari in the Masai Mara in the best MasQi style, adding practices that help reconnect with oneself, such as yoga and meditation, and inspiring sessions that maintain a high level of energy. More information and details of this new, wonderful and enriching experience will follow later.

In Sonia’s own words: “Kenya is one of the most inspiring countries I have ever travelled to” and what better place to show our solidarity handicrafts full of good vibrations than in her own home!

We leave you the link and address: Camino de la Mallaeta, s/n 03450 Banyeres de Mariola, in Alicante, to know where to buy them.

Thank you!