Solidarity is essential to keep our society and ourselves afloat and in balance, otherwise we run the risk of alienating and distancing ourselves from the rest of the individuals that make it up. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, empathizing and wanting to share is not easy, but just trying to get someone to achieve their dreams gives us satisfaction and emotional well-being that are difficult to explain.

Our ambassador Bisila Bokoko. Her organisation BBALP promotes literacy in Africa.

At Adcam we offer you the opportunity to do your bit to ensure that a Masai boy or girl can fulfill her dreams, and they don’t have it easy at all. There are many barriers that they find in their way and many obstacles that they have to overcome, such as food shortages, the need to help their families with domestic and agricultural tasks when there is lack of income, inclement weather as in times of floods and the consequences that all this entails, both in terms of health and school attendance for Masai boys and girls.

Your help is essential so that a Masai boy or girl can make their dreams and wishes come true, through education and training, thus achieving the empowerment of women and economic development in Masai society.

Children in our Maasai school

Through our School Support Program for Masai children, we intend to cover the cost of operating and maintaining our school and residence for students, contemplating two options with which to collaborate:

Traditional Maasai dance.

Basic Support – Covers a student’s schooling:

• Monthly Fee 15 euros.

• Quarterly Fee 45 euros.

• Annual Fee 180 euros.

Full support – Covers schooling and accommodation in the residence of one of the students from the most remote areas, and includes full meals and extracurricular activities:

• Monthly Fee 30 euros.

• Quarterly Fee 90 euros.

• Annual Fee 360 euros.

Smiles that reach the soul.

Tax advantages in Spain

In addition, last year a very positive legislative reform for individuals who donate to an entity regulated by Law 40/2002, such as ADCAM, was published in the BOE, leaving the deduction percentages in personal income tax as follows:

– Up to 150 euros, 80%.

– From 150 euros, 35%, unless in two previous years donations have been made for an amount equal to or greater, in each of them, than the previous year, in which case the percentage is 40%.

This reform belongs to Royal Decree-Law 17/2020, of May 5, 2020, which approved measures to support the cultural sector and of a tax nature to face the economic and social impact of COVID-2019 by modifying Law 49 / 2002.

Thank you!

We encourage you to collaborate with us, now more than ever we need you.

You want to know more?

Write to us at: or call 685 14 04 99 and we will tell you exactly what it consists of.