A single heart, a single look, a single hug. This is what happens when two souls meet and help each other. Buying or giving away shares that will be completely destined for the Masai Community Benefit, it is an act of solidarity with the Masai community that not only helps them, but also helps us to be more human and aware that the only thing that really matters in this life is the people and the bond we create with them.

Puppies of Solidarity with the Masai community arises as an initiative with the purpose of valuing those aspects of the day-to-day life of the Masai. Their basic daily needs, such as eating several times a day or having drinking water without unforeseen events or obstacles that sometimes complicate even the simplest and most basic things for human beings.

If to these questions, we add the possibility of practicing a sport regularly, for example, the objective, unfortunately, is more than diminished.

To achieve this purpose we have developed a series of “solidarity packages” or, rather, little pieces of solidarity, as we like to call them, in anticipation of gradually reaching, and thanks to your contributions, food objectives, preventive health, education, sustainability and sport.

These are small great actions that for the Masai community mean a world.

Each “little piece” can be easily purchased by accessing our solidarity shop.

In return, you will receive a thank you document with drawings made by our beloved children, and the feeling of making you feel part of our Masai community with your gesture.

Thank you very much for your collaboration and for your solidarity with the Masai community.

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