Would you like to help a Masai boy or girl to be a doctor? Dreams come true and you can make it possible.

At ADCAM, all the help you can offer us, whether you are an individual, company or institution, is welcome. This help is essential to continue advancing in our projects and, one of them is the children education and our School Support program for Masai children.

Why? Education is a right and the key factor for human and economic development in any part of the world, it is the key that opens opportunities. Education is the pillar on which the advancement and progress of both, people and societies, is based. In addition to providing us with knowledge, education fosters culture, enriches our spirit and develops values ​​and what defines us as human beings.

For ADCAM, education is a fundamental tool to balance economic and social inequalities, and to access better employment opportunities and conditions.

The objective of all our projects is to strengthen the people’s knowledge and skills who participate in our programs, in order to improve their skills and offer them tools to become professional.

It’s been almost 10 years since we opened our ADCAM Mara Vision School , a school in the heart of the savannah in Kenya, which provides pre-school, primary and vocational schooling for around 300 Masai boys and girls.

In our school we offer a high educational level adapted to the Masai culture, as well as sports and extracurricular activities that include artistic training with sustainable crafts, that is, we teach to take care of the environment and be aware of the planet’s limited resources through the use of recyclable materials, avoiding, as far as possible, the use of plastic and glass.

We also care about health and hygiene, therefore, we include a daily lunch for all our students, we offer accommodation and meals to those who come from far places and we promote personal hygiene habits such as, ensuring that each student have their individual toothbrush and toothpaste.

All this through equal education, without sexes distinctions, since the women empowerment  is one of the fundamental ADCAM objectives and the engine to achieve gender equality in developing countries.

Kenya and, more specifically, the Maasai Mara area, is one of the most popular tourist destinations, so by promoting education from within the community, we are able to ensure that the Masai themselves manage their tourism, always influencing the conservation of their culture and environment.


In order to cover the cost of operating and maintaining our school and residence for students, we have a School Support Program. It consists on the payment of a periodic fee equivalent to the schooling cost for a student, including books, school supplies and food.


We propose two options to collaborate in our School Support program for Masai children:

Basic support

That covers the cost of a student’s schooling through a fee, to be chosen between:

  • Monthly… 15 euros.
  • Quarterly… 45 euros.
  • Annual… 180 euros.

Full support

That covers the cost of schooling and accommodation in the residence of one of the students from the most remote areas, including full maintenance and the cost of extracurricular activities, through a fee to choose between:

  • Monthly… 30 euros.
  • Quarterly… 90 euros.
  • Annual… 360 euros.

However, any help and collaboration is welcome. Get in touch with us and we will inform you without obligation, there are many options. THANK YOU, THANK YOU AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!