Since this summer we have extraordinary support for our project in Kenya, thanks to the initiative of our beloved godmother Olivia Palermo, who has established a collaboration agreement with the sunglasses brand Westward Leaning,which directly benefits ADCAM

Olivia Palermo, an undisputed reference in the fashion world, has been collaborating with this brand since its birth, making it part of its renowned style. However, since this year she has decided to involve the brand with the ADCAM project, agreeing to a $10 donation for each model sold during this year, from the collection it represents. In his own words: “Not only am I working with Westward leaning on creating sunglasses that I love, but I’m also supporting ADCAM, a charity that is very close and dear to my heart. It is an honor for me to donate part of the sale of this product to benefit ADCAM”.

Watch Oliva’s blog:


Thank you Olivia… You are also in our hearts and in the heart of the entire Maasai community.