At ADCAM we consider that volunteeringis an essential part of our development as human being and as persons. For this reason, we have designed an experience committed to nature, with the Masai women social and labor inclusion and with the Masai children socio-educational action. We present our solidarity program “Volunteers in Kenya October 2020”, a journey that will change you and will change our lives.

Solidarity and respect

Our volunteer program fosters solidarity and cooperation based on respect for the dignity of individuals and people, their diversity and human rights.

Through this trip we intend, on the one hand, to promote the participation and individual and collective effortof visitors with the aim of promoting their autonomy and personal solvency in the face of the different challenges that life offers and developing an active and responsible citizenship and, on the other hand, improve the living, educational and hygiene conditionsof the inhabitants at the Masai community.


The ADCAM great objective is to improve the difficult situations of the Masai community, that is why we develop education, health, sustainable development, fair trade and gender equality programs.

For this, we rely on two fundamental pillars through various projects and initiatives:

  • · Strengthen the women role in a firmly patriarchal society. . Our Masai Crafts elaboration program made by themselves, allows women to have economic independence in order to increase the well-being of their families and earn the community respect.
  • · School support. Our ADCAM Mara Vision School is a free school adapted to the needs and values of the Maasai culture that includes schooling, material, accommodation for students who live far away, maintenance and preventive health. A school where, in addition to training, we transmit to our students values of interculturality, ethnic pride, solidarity and effort.

In order to contribute to the sustainability of our project, our “Volunteers in Kenya October 2020” trip is another of the initiatives we offer. . Our solidarity Camp offerstourist accommodation in the heart of the Maasai Mara nature reserve, where Masai warriors introduce visitors to their customs, landscapes and lifestyle.. . It is a unique opportunity to get to know Kenya from the inside, accompanied by a landscape, fauna and spectacular people.


Volunteers in Kenya October 2020 Program

Duration: 7 Days

Two travel options:

First option: From October 17th to 24th.

Second option: From october 24th to 31.

Third option: From october 9th to 24th (*).

(*)There is a third option and that is that our Soul solidarity experience offers a Mindfulness trip from October 9 to 17, we already have a significant demand from visitors who have contracted this trip and want to stay until October 24, thus linking with the volunteer program. Ask us for more details and price for this third option (Mindfulness Pack + Volunteering) by clicking here.


ADCAM Mara Vision Camp, is a place where you will live with the Maasai community and enjoy nature in a unique environment.

The Tends are perfectly equipped and have a bathroom, hot water and solar energy lighting, we also have a continental kitchen service.

Surveillance and service is 24 hours, and at night, the fire is lit, around which you will live magical moments, thanks to the dances and stories that Maasai warriors like to share.

Price:765€ per person.


→ Visa and accommodation at ADCAM.

→ Transfer from Nairobi – Mara – Nairobi.

→ Lemek reserve government fees.


  • · Participate in the training of Masai women and children on health and hygiene issues.
  • · Participate in the school by holding workshops for reading, games, music, drawing and painting.
  • · Help in our processes of detection of health needs in the child population.
  • · Contribute to training on the environment and waste treatment.
  • · Collaborate in the school garden with the children.
  • · Enjoy some wonderful safaris and walks through the savannah with Maasai warriors.


Take advantage of this unique and special opportunity to help and travel, at the same time, to a wonderful place full of good feelings. You won’t regret it! We leave you a pdfin Spanish with all the info.