During the last few weeks, four Spanish girls from Alicante, Madrid and Zaragoza lived the Maasai adventure in the ADCAM camp. For ten days, the Maasai warriors accompanied them on a unique experience in which they toured the African savannah, learned maasai culture, lived with the community members and met the Maasai Project that ADCAM and Pikolinos carried out with the women of the tribe.


Cristina, one of the girls, tells us about her experience here:

The prettiest smiles, they’re in Africa, they may not have a perfect denture, but they’re pure and sincere. They are innate smiles of happiness that children elevate to maximum power when you shake hands and, in addition, are followed by a leap of joy when they discover that in your hand there is a hidden candy.
We traveled to Kenya with the intention of enjoying unique landscapes and returned from Kenya with the immense joy of having met amazing people, who offered how little or much of them they had and who showed me that civilization is not in the West.
It doesn’t matter how much clothes they have, the hardness of their feet, the number of teeth they have left, or their belongings. What matters is that what they have, they share, that what they live counts and, above all: laugh, play, sing and dance. The important thing is to be happy.
There are three basic principles that make them as they are: respect each other, respect nature and respect the elders, because they have the necessary experience to guide us on the right path. That is the maximum that children are recited to children every day at ADCAM Mara Vision School,the school that houses more than 150 Maasai children willing to overcome themselves and learn enough to become airplane pilots, drivers, footballers or teachers.
The Adcam camp is the most authentic way to live the Maasai experience, an absolutely recommended adventure that everyone should live, to contribute a grain of sand to this community and so that they can be sustainable and improve their quality of life but, yes, without changing their culture, nor their values, which is the greatest of their riches.