New solidarity textile store

We are excited about our new section. A section that we have prepared with all the enthusiasm and endearment in the world, as well as the garments making of. We present our brand new solidarity textile store.

A collection of textile gifts, with typical Kenyan fabrics and designs, manufactured by the social company A Puntadas and with an extra dose of dedication and affection, since 100% of the profits will go to the Masai community.

The good weather is coming and in our solidarity textile store you will find towels to go to the beach, the pool or simply to enjoy at home, also a great apron that comes in handy, now that we have all made our first steps in the culinary arts and we have become a bit of a kitchenette, or an ecological bottle to contain and keep water, or any drink you want, very cool wherever you go.

Our beloved Masai community needs our help, as the lack of tourism this year has caused a serious crisis in the Masai Mara. A large part of the community lives thanks to the income from tourism and, during this year, they have hardly been able to receive tourists, thus losing many jobs and a lot of income to feed entire families.

Our solidarity textile store aims to be one more grain of sand, a unique opportunity to give solidarity, to give love and to link our actions directly with a community at risk of extinction that needs us more than ever.

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