As you well know, unfortunately last November our residence for Masai children suffered a terrible fire where, with no injuries, all the children’s belongings; clothes, toiletries, blankets, beds and mattresses were burnt as well as the residence itself.

But it is in the hardest moments that the essence of the human being comes to the surface and shows all its generosity and solidarity. Well, every collection bears fruit, so we are immensely happy to announce that we have managed to completely rebuild our residence and replace all the belongings that were lost there.

The sum of the expenses has amounted to a total of 22,751 euros while the income that we have managed to collect has been 20,268 euros, this income not only comes from private donations but also from all the companies that usually help us and collaborate with us.
A MILLION THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! Because all this has only been possible thanks to you.

What have we achieved and what have we invested it in?

We have managed to buy materials and completely repair the structure of the residence, restore the electricity, replace 33 metal boxes to contain the children’s belongings, buy 18 bunk beds, 30 towels, 30 mattresses, 40 sets of beds, replace the fire extinguishers, pay for the transport to bring the fire extinguishers, buy uniforms, empty the septic tank in the toilets, build a new septic tank, buy a clothes line, repair the solar panels and take on the plumbing costs.

In addition, when the fire happened, we had part of our Adcam team (Carlos, Lorena,…) who were able to react in time, delivering dental kits, packs of cups, shoes and clothes to the Masai children. It was wonderful to observe and be part of the joy and enthusiasm with which the children chose their clothes, received their shoes or picked up their belongings again.

And how do we want to thank you?

You can download these wonderful illustrations, in wallpaper format, which have been designed for us by the illustrator Gema Over with all the love to show off on your mobile phones. We give you a little piece of Maasi Mara in your life and in your hearts.