These are dates in which we strive to find a unique and original gift for the people we love and those around us, getting carried away many times, and unintentionally, by a wild and irrational consumerism that only leads us to buy without meaning, But there is another much more interesting way to give a detail full of conscience, responsibility and soul this Christmas: to give smiles.

What we call “meaningful gifts”, whether in a physical object or in a donation form, go one step further and differ from traditional gifts in that, in addition to pursuing the liking of the person who receives the gift, they have in order to contribute to just and much needed causes such as equality, the environment conservation, disease eradication and hunger, access to education, etc. The important thing is that the money you donate becomes a direct source of funding to collaborate with communities and projects that really need our support.


At ADCAM we offer you an original and supportive alternative to conventional gifts and an incredible opportunity to bring happiness and do your bit to build a better world. A magical gift in which you choose what you want to send to the Masai Community: basic food, school supplies, a basic hygiene pack, the possibility of having drinking water, medical care, etc … In your hands is the possibility of changing lifes of hundreds of Masai girls and boys, and an entire community in danger of extinction.

What benefits does it bring you?

  • You contribute to all our solidarity projects development.

  • You are supporting the development of a disadvantaged community and even more for last year, due to the lack of tourism and the drought.

  • You consume products made in decent conditions that respect the environment and favor the people who have produced it, giving visibility to their work.

  • Awareness in your environment about the importance of supporting solidarity initiatives and causes.

  • And, if you are a company, you integrate solidarity as one of your corporate values.

What are you waiting for?

We propose any of our solidarity shop options:

Solidarity packs where you will buy or give away shares destined entirely to the Masai Community. 

Masai solidarity crafts made by Masai women, where 100% of the profits are donated to this community.

Textile gifts with fabrics and designs from Kenya.

All these actions go beyond Christmas and are applicable to any occasion in which you want to make a unique, different and original gift full of good intentions.

Finding the perfect gift for this Christmas is just a matter of interest and good will.