Beautiful projects are worth spreading the word around and this is one of them, a project full of good energy and better intentions.

camiseta Sacred NatureWe present you our new Sacred Nature t-shirt. A garment made in Spain by the insert company A Puntadas and under the GOTS seal that ensures respect for the environment in all phases of its manufacturing process, from the cotton harvest to the resulting piece of clothing. The GOTS seal also respects the people who participate in the production process in a way that guarantees that all products labeled under its seal have been produced under working conditions that allow a decent wage and humane, free, regular and non-discriminatory conditions. Logo GOTS

This t-shirt has not only been manufactured in a sustainable and non-toxic way, but it is also printed with a magnificent photo courtesy of Jonathan and Angela Scott , a gesture that we thank them infinitely.

This award-winning pair of prestigious photographers have turned their passion into action by forming the Sacred Nature Initiative (SNI), thus seeking to remind people of our planet fragility and the importance of reconnecting. with nature. It is a way of evoking our historical relationship with the natural environment in the form of a large-format book, Sacred Nature, illustrated with photographs taken in the Mara-Serengeti area that capture the natural rhythms that permeate the African savannah and the animals essence that live there. logo SAcred Natur

The best of all? It is an exclusive t-shirt as it is a limited edition and, furthermore, with the acquisition of this t-shirt we continue donating basic foods such as Ugali to the Masai women and to our School families. 

Adcam will allocate 100% of the profits from this shirt to the Masai Community in order to guarantee a minimum of sustenance to this community in Kenya which, due to the absence of tourists this year and last, still finds in a complicated situation and without the basic resources.

A beautiful t-shirt that links directly to the nomadic sentiment of the Masai through the Crested Crane bird printed ant the image of the t-shirt. 

Grullas Jonathan and Angie Scott

From ADCAM we greatly appreciate your collaboration. Click here to get it.

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